Carpark Works

Please be advised that as part of the ongoing construction works at Busselton Central, there will be certain carpark closures at the end of April and beyond. The works are being done in stages and every effort has been made to ensure disruption is kept to a minimum and you'll still be able to access your favourite stores!

Thank you for your cooperation as we build the new Busselton Central.

Please refer to the map and details below:

Stage 1 closure

(Indicated by red on map)

Closed from 26/4/2022, estimated closure period of 2 days.

Stage 2 closure

(Indicated by green on map)

Closed from 28/4/2022, estimated closure period of 3 days.

Stage 3 closure

(Indicated by orange on map)

Closed from 27/4/2022, estimated closure period of 60 days.

April 2022 Carpark Closure
April 2022 Carpark Works

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