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Ivy Co

Four business owners, one big idea, (some may even say a dream) quickly became our reality when we found the perfect store front to launch our boutique collective.

December 2022 we began discussing the idea of opening our store front and by January 2023 we were open.

Ivy Co (named Ivy because IV in Roman is 4) owned by 4 women.

Supporting and stocking exclusively all Australian labels that are ethical and sustainable.

Making a conscious effort to tread lightly.

We are proud to support businesses we have known and loved many years before Ivy Co came to fruition.

Fast forward 6 months from our initial opening and we have stocked over 20 other fellow Australian businesses and have just completed a massive task of moving from our existing storefront into the Busselton central complex.

Ivy Co is so much more than a store, it’s a community, a lifestyle and with every purchase you make in store you're supporting not just the four women and their families who own the store but also every artisan we have in store and their families.

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