Coming Early March: Concrete Piles

The construction crew have been super busy establishing the site and preparing the earth at the building site. We are now ready to excavate and make room for the installation of concrete piles!

A concrete pile is essentially a long concrete cylinder that is inserted into the ground, which the slab is then connected to. Pouring the concrete piles is an exceptionally important part of the build, as it is these piles that will bear the weight of everything built on top of them (ie; the delicious restaurants and cafes we keep talking about!).

From mid Feb, when visiting the Centre, you'll notice the piling rig at the construction site, (it is a bit hard to miss at 20m tall!). We do not anticipate it's delivery and works having any impact on the existing Centre activity, but you will be able to hear it from outside.

Once the piles have been poured the journey to build a better Busselton Central continues, with the slab pour to follow and expected to occur around Easter.

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